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We started our website in early 2008, with the a 50 users license, the professional help and support from TopCMM team, allowed us to grow month after a month till we upgraded to the Unlimited-Pro license in 2009. Now we became the biggest chatting website in the Arab World (22 Countries).

Friendly Support and R&D team, dealing with our requirements as a partner not only a customer helped us to maintain our success and growth. With the beginning of 2010 we started to move to a Load Balance multi-servers version, to allow more growth and better chatting experience.

In fact I spent few minutes thinking what to write here! then I decided that nothing needed more than few words, TopCMM employees are not only very professional but also friendly and responsible, 123flashchat server is the best chat software available in the market, stability , professional interface, wide range of features and large number of concurrent chatters support is the best description.

The most I love is how they deal with our suggestions, every new version makes me believe more in them, they do listen and do act.

If your a person searching for a solution from a company that leave you a space to concentrate on your business growth and marketing then go with TopCMM.

Sales team are very friendly, give them a try.

--Alaa Alhamdan
Twelve Chat

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Julien Becuwe

I dropped my "java-irc chat" because I couldn't resist 123flashchat... and I don't regret it ! Since I have used this great "flash chat", the number of visitors is growing and "bestofchat" is also growing on.
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5 cows Awards in Tucows
5 cows Awards in Tucows
5 star at BrotherSoft
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