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The Future of Chat

It is ambiguous, vague and quite controversial sometimes to define the future of chat software. It takes a multitude of proofs to attest a simple view and objections always emerge immediately. That is what a chat is. Someone likes it this way while others that way, however, that reluctance to be able to draw a conclusion exactly provides ample space and possibilities for the future of the chat.

Such an environment with its ubiquity of discussions and debates may also post some concensus. Simplified and neat UI, HTML5 client, novel functions, mobilization for the chat are among them and these are what 123 Flash Chat has been focusing on and promoting.

So 123 Flash Chat borders on the future of chat, a full-fledged member.

The Future of Chat

Chat Future --- UI

How should chat user interface go and evolve? The more simplified, the better. Neat, elegant, artistic and pleasing to the eye. That is the direction for the chat UI.

123 Flash Chat Software has committed itself to designing the most impressive chat skin and backgrounds and refining the interface to be more user friendly. Changes can be found on every version, from comprehensive layout frame betterment to micro avatar, emotions upgrade.

123 Flash Chat Skin Collection

123 Flash Chat Customization Skin

123 Flash Chat is Customer- Oriented

123 Flash Chat listens to its customers and this is manifest in visible ways in terms of chat UI. 123 Flash Chat holds skin design competition almost every year and gathers design and works from its customers and puts them on the showcase. By adopting the essence of those excellent works as suggestions for creation 123 Flash Chat Solution finds its way to code the most delicate software.

123 Flash Chat is Customer- Oriented

No More Flash, No More Java, No More Ajax, Only Pure HTML 5 Chat?

It has already aroused a great disturbance whether HTML chat should replace the flash chat which used to obtain the market for years. It has to be admitted that quite a few users are still a fan of flash chat considering its stability, maturity and simply users' habits. Nevertheless, no one can overestimate the prowess of emergence of new things. Believe it or not, HTML5 Chat client will gradually grow to maturity and eventually take the place of flash chat.


HTML chat has its born advantage comparing with flash chat since it does not require flash player to run, thus successfully struggles free out of the shackle. Encaged by flash player there is unrest on the verge of bursting whenever a new release is announced by abode since a latent conflict might occur.

Besides the flash player trouble, HTML chat is reliable due to its compatibility which can run cross devices on pc, iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.

Trouble Free Client, HTML Chat

123 Flash Chat Software has focused on the development of HTML Chat since V9.7 and two years work almost brings the brand new chat client to maturity to keep abreast with the old flash client. New functions, new interfaces, new skins and smileys 123 Flash Chat HTML client is nothing but a new user experience to you. And video chat is supported as well unlike other html chat solutions.

Novel Functions, Not Just New Functions

New features cannot be skipped as an element for the future of chat. However, it cannot be just new. It has to be new and attractive. Any new features should meet users' some certain kinds of desire and all users' desire compose of the future of the best chat software. Anything newly-developed failed to arouse user's interest is nothing but a failure.

123 Flash Chat Latest Version Feature List

123 Flash Chat Software has been the leader of this business for over 10 years and the magic key is the novel functions of each release. Study the market, follow the trend, listen to the customers everything is done aiming at making a difference. It is a competitive market with plenty of chat software striving for a position of surviving; it is not easy to stay top let alone to lead it. It is the ultimate goal for 123 Flash Chat Team to keep up and progress on the road to the future of chat.

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