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Why Choose HTML Chat Solution by 123 Flash Chat?

Since two years ago when 123 Flash Chat V9.7 was released HTML Chat client has dominated most of the new developments for the recent releases. Through four versions' updates and consolidation till now HTML chat is a crucial part and parcel for 123 Flash Chat based on its simplicity, compatibility and fast loading speed.

Colorful Chat, Neat HTML Chat Solution

Flash client used to get high praise for its delicately designed skins and that is what HTML chat aims at too. HTML chat client has upgraded the chat UI comprehensively by adding more skins and embellishing the chat box.

Colorful HTML Chat Skin, A Delicately-designed Solution

Membership Privileges for HTML Chat

HTML chat solution excels in this by giving more privileges for plus, premium and VIP members and moderators in the chat comparing with flash client of which higher levels of members can only enjoy a crowned icon and a higher rank in the user list. Privileged members for HTML chat can be immune to kick, mute and ban and get a green light for a full room, etc.

To boost consumption in the chat so that chat master can get more profit HTML chat has another set of user groups classified by the credits they purchased and spent.

Effective Membership Privileges Division for HTML Chat

Cross Device HTML Client, Mobile Chat Solution

HTML chat client can work on PC, iPhone, iPad and android devices simultaneously; It has been a great advantage for this client since more and more users prefer to mobilize everything nowadays and this of course includes a chat service.

Mobile chat app has been developed and 123 Flash Chat can help you to customize an app of your own branding. This can be never more appealing for site masters!

HTML chat solution will take the prevailing role for chat solutions market and it is just a matter of time that it will completely take the place of flash chat. 123 Flash Chat is dedicated to developing the most user friendly chat software and this HTML client will keep getting polished.

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