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How to Add Video Chat Software to Your Website

How to add a video chat widget to your website? 123 Flash Chat offers several ways to make your video chat outstanding. Especially with the introduction of html5 client there are more possibilities and feasibilities now with video chat software. Better quality and stability, more revenue and profits, you can get started from scratch with the 30 days free trial.

123 Flash Chat Software Live DemoFlash Chat v9.9, PHP Chat v9.9, Java Chat v9.9 BuyFlash Chat v9.9, PHP Chat v9.9, Java Chat v9.9 DownloadChat Hosting Service

Add Video Chatting Software to Your Site With 30-Days-Trial

You may not be fully convinced on how far this video chat script may go so a full-featured trial will play a significant role for beginners.

123 Flash Chat provides its new customers with a 30 days trial, no questions asked, no protocols needed and no fees charged, you just need to fill in a few blanks and then submit the form a free trial activation link for the video chat software will be sent to you within one minute!

Try Now

Add video chat to your website by filling in the below form.

Host ID:* Name of the host, as you prefer.
Website URL:*
Video Mode:*
 General Audio/Video Mode enables users to talk face-to-face with friends using webcam.

 Video Conference mode allows video publishers to become broadcasters, whose video will automatically broadcast for everyone in the current chat room.

By filling in the above form you will receive the codes in your email to add the video chat to your website. You can spare all the troubles such as: where to source a server that will be suitable to add a video chat to my website? How to install and add the script chat button to my website, etc. After you have submitted above form, 123 Flash Chat will send you an activation email with instructions on how to add the chat codes to your website. Copy it and paste it to the place that you want on your website and it is done! It can be either embedded or popped up. The video chatting script is with full features which will definitely invigorate your users and increase their interaction. And you can customize the chat settings from your admin panel with skins, avatars that dovetails to your site theme. And even with this trial you can manage fully for your users with ban, kick and silent mute. Going with 123 Flash Chat will definitely save troubles for you to add the chat widget to your website.

Generally speaking, after you have set up and successfully added a chat to your website, the next question will be “How can I utilize it” because no one will work for nothing. For example, if I add your flash chat to my website, can I use it to earn money? Well that is the just question that makes perfect sense and fortunately the answer is yes.And you can read here for details. Or, if I add your flash chat to my website, can I use it for special theme or topics? Well, this page makes a perfect example for how the video chatting software will benefit the website during the 2014 world cup.

There are plenty of customers adding this trial chat code to their website to test 123 FlashChat and a large part of them has become 123 Flash Chat official customers. Well seeing is believing wanna get a review of what they say after adding the chat script to website? Check below.

No Budget? Add a Free Chat to Your Website!

No budget to add the chat script to your website after the trial runs out? No problem! Because 123 Flash Chat provides a free chat script to add to your website, yes, totally free.

How to add a free flash chat to your website? How to apply for it? Well it is even simpler than add the trial chat to your website. As long as you have a website ready you can fill in below blanks and get the codes to be added as the free chat to your website. Note: 123 Flash Chat Free version will not include video chat plugin but a simple neat text only chat, and you can add the chat script directly to your website since you can get the codes immediately upon the submission. There will be no admin section for the free codes. You can apply for a full version when you start to earn money and have enough budget to add the whole chat to your website.

123 Flash Chat Free Host
Code Generator 
Chat Room NameChat Client Width(>728pixels)
Choose LanguageChat Client Height(>300pixels)
Choose SkinAffiliate ID(optional)How to get an Affiliate ID?
Get HTML Code

Direct Chat Room Link

30 Days Free Video Chat Software Hosting Applicable

After adding the free chat scripts to your website and eventually upgrading to a full version chat to be added to your website, there is one more perk for the text only customers for 123 Flash Chat Host accounts who may request one month free usage of video hosting service or video conference hosting service.

The temptation to add a video chat script to your website is just irresistible. Video chat on html chat can be high definition, and the PPM/PPV mode can generate revenue directly for chat owners. No wonder there are more and more chat masters choose to upgrade their hosting chat to be with video hosting.

30 Days Video Chat Software Hosting Applicable

Why Add Video Chat to Your Website?

Because it worth it!

See what our customers say:
BeWytched: After adding flash chat to website we found it's a very easy to use program and has a ton of cool gadgets. Users love the flash games which are accessible in the chat rooms for when things are quiet.
Azzuni,Abdullah: We became a famous web site in Arab world because the visitors are growing up daily since we added 123 flash chat script to our website.

And a lot more.

Unique Features

123 Flash Chat boasts the most powerful Java chat server among all chat room based scripts and it adds a stable chat to your website which can hold over thousands of users online at the same time.

The unlimited user license buyers are welcome to click here to apply for a performance test, and we can make about 1000-3000 real connections to your chat server to help the test before you add the real chat to your website.

123 Flash Chat not only adds a stable chat but also a unique chat to your website, esp. in terms of video chat. Up to five video chat modes are available within the chat and each one specifically fit a corresponding usage. For example,add a video conference chat to your website will enable conference mode within your chat thus allowing you to do online meetings, webinars, e-learning or e-commerce.

123 Flash Chat will add a mobile chat app to your website as well. 123 Flash Chat can be accessible for iPhone, iPad or Android devices users in two ways, HTML chat client and Mobile App. Mobile app is a great leap during the development for 123 Flash Chat and you can even customize your own mobile app with your own brand to add a mobilized chat to your website.

123 Flash Chat will add a neat HTML chat to your website. HTML client is a hot topic for chat software these years and we believe it represents the future for chat software. 123 Flash Chat has developed its HTML 5 client since V9.7 and added a ton of new features such as Camshow, Raised hand, IP range ban etc.

123 Flash Chat Software Live DemoFlash Chat v9.9, PHP Chat v9.9, Java Chat v9.9 BuyFlash Chat v9.9, PHP Chat v9.9, Java Chat v9.9 DownloadChat Hosting Service

Add a Simple Chat Box to Your Website With Trouble Free Setup

123 Flash Chat can be easy added to any website because 123 Flash Chat Software can be seamlessly integrated with any kind of CMSes. Be it standard or a customized one. There are ready-made 3rd party integration module available and we can make one should your website structure is unique or a customized one.

Q: Why Add 123 Flash Chat?

Q: How to Add a Chat Room With JS code to Your Website?

Q: How to Add a Chat to your Joomla Website?

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